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PRIDE Seeds will be at the head of the class as one of the few companies to invest in RIB Complete processing equipment for a production plant in Canada. Our investment in the 1BAG.CA process ensures our customers will maximize yield potential and simplify refuge compliance by planting PRIDE G8 Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete hybrids.

Grant Craven VP Production

PRIDE Seeds Introduces Our First Single-Bag Refuge Solution


The simple solution for maximum yield potential and automatic refuge compliance.

Simplicity.   A ONE Bag Field Solution for Higher Yields
Every unit of PRIDE G8, PRIDE G2 and PRIDE G3, Genuity® RIB Complete® products features best–in–class genetics through AgReliant Genetics, an affiliated company and one of the world’s largest corn breeding and testing programs. Our focus is seed and yield first.

Simplicity.   A ONE Bag Field Solution for Automatic Refuge Compliance.
Every unit of PRIDE G8, PRIDE G2 and PRIDE G3, Genuity® RIB Complete® products is packaged using our 1BAG.CA process with refuge seed built into every bag for automatic refuge compliance. This makes for easy planning and planting. Refuge is built into the bag meaning no more structured refuge blocks are required.

Simplicity.   ONE Bag with Multiple Modes of Insect Protection.
PRIDE G8, PRIDE G2 and PRIDE G3, Genuity® RIB Complete® products feature the best in PRIDE Seeds genetics combined with the best in Genuity® traits to offer our growers multiple modes of insect protection for maximum yield potential.

Guidelines for the 1BAG.CA Production System include:
Uniformity: The refuge hybrid is selected based on maturity, drydown, height and other characteristics to match the base hybrid.
Consistency: Seed size and weight are matched between the base hybrid and the refuge hybrid to ensure excellent plantability. The same seed treatment is also used to ensure equal protection against soil–borne insects and diseases. A Made in Canada solution to deliver simplicity at planting and maximum yield potential at harvest.

A6030G8 RIB
A6102G8 RIB
A6272G8 RIB

A6535G8 RIB
A6733G8 RIB

A6757G8 RIB
A7188G8 RIB
A7270G8 RIB
A7311G8 RIB
A7615G8 RIB
A7880G8 RIB
A8250G8 RIB

A4025G3 RIB
A4177G3 RIB

A5113G3 RIB
A5433G3 RIB
A6020G3 RIB

A4415G2 RIB
A4631G2 RIB
A4881G2 RIB
A4914G2 RIB
A4939G2 RIB
A5095G2 RIB
A5120G2 RIB
A5151G2 RIB
A5909G2 RIB
A6010G2 RIB
A6028G2 RIB
A6060G2 RIB
A6127G2 RIB
A6419G2 RIB
A6509G2 RIB
A6840G2 RIB
A7330G2 RIB
A8220G2 RIB

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